Inhale. A zillion molecules rush inside you and help you in the daily struggles collectively termed ‘life’. Scratch daily. It is a battle fought every tiniest millisecond. It took many nearly improbable chances for us to exist. ( At least, that is what I tell myself on those horrible days). But do you truly realise what a miracle it is to be alive? And then, to be able to perceive this universe! Do you sense it? Do you feel it? Inhale.

Even the mundane task of drinking coffee is a sensory overload if we let it be –  Hear the hum of the coffee maker, look at that rich frothiness, feel the warmth of you mug, drink it! Wait, did you snatch a whiff? You didn’t? Do it.. Inhale. Do you feel it now? How the smell can reach into your very soul and evoke a thousand memories? How essential it is for the wholesome ‘experience’? (Well,  this is not an advertisement for a coffee brand! Darling, this is an analogy.)

Of course your brain worked hard to do all this – to interpret what these aromatic chemicals meant to you …. Because at the very heart of it you took in molecules. Molecules that broke and bent to form the coffee fragrance may have once been a part of the mystical coral reefs. ( or some other human – but let us not go down that road!)

So next time you inhale and are bombarded by a fragrance (or a stench), remember – What you are smelling is the fragrance of this universe, concocted with science and magic, shaken with chance and deliberation, bottled with apprehension and possibilities.

It is the perfume of life, gifted by the universe.

via Daily Prompt: Perfume